Wednesday, 26 March 2014

half a flock

I'm halfway through knitting the Fair Isle section of my Mixed Flock blanket
This picture, taken outside but in shade, shows the detail including some of the names of Shetland sheep colours, and the steek stitches up the right hand side, which will be cut to let the blanket lie flat

110 ewes and 33 rams so far in my modified and enlarged version of Kate Davies' Rams and Yowes design

This picture, taken in bright sunlight, shows the colours better.
I can see that my Yuglet (grey, actually its Blue Texel wool) isn't dark enough to contrast well with the background in the first row of rams. Shy rams?

I always love knitting with my own handspun yarn, but I'm getting a huge amount of pleasure from this project,  for which I spun undyed fleece from six different sheep, blending some to give me nine distinct colours in total.

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  1. A lovely project! The perfect way to showcase a selection of sheep breeds! Great stuff.