Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Wool School in Biella

I am very excited to have been invited to take part in the Wool School hosted by Biella the Wool Company!! Have a look at the Biella the Wool Company website - it is a really interesting site with a cute video of sheep herding (look out for a still of Scottish blackface sheep with a shepherd in full kilt outfit - his blue boiler suit must have been in the wash that day!!) Clock on the link to the online shop to get to the Wool Box site which is also very interesting.

The Wool School is a very interesting initiative - for three months from 10th October the exhibition 'Wools of Europe' will be open, and  series of inspirational workshops on the artisan crafts that use wool are planned featuring renowned tutors in knitting, tapestry weaving, felt making and (this is where I come in) spinning.
On 19th November I will be running a workshop on spinning for beginners - all about fibres, preparation (carding and combing), and spinning with a drop spindle. BTWC will provide a lovely Sambucana fleece for us to spin
On 20th November the workshop will be for those who have already learned the basics of spinning (with spindle or spinning wheel). The content of this workshop will be built around the needs of the participants. We will do some trouble-shooting, sorting out common spinning problems,  and try out some new fibres and techniques.
Materials and equipment will be provided.
For further information go to or e-mail and ask for the programma massima
I'm really looking forward to visiting a part of Italy I havent been to before, to seeing the exhibition and the mill, and most of all to meeting and spinning with new friends!!