Sunday, 30 March 2014

Art yarn for a touch of colour

I fancied spinning up a touch of colour and texture yesterday.
I've been spinning  and knitting lots of natural-coloured yarns lately, and much as I love them, I wanted to spin something different for a few hours.
I made batts on my drum carder, using white Blue-Faced Leicester wool and scrumptious recycled sari silk,
and another batt using dyed merino in the hottest pinks, plus some pink and purple Shetland, with the white BFL and sari silk

I spun the batts into slightly irregular, medium twist singles

Then I plied each of them with a finer, higher twist BFL singles, to create spiral yarns.

Pretty aren't they?

This is just one technique I teach in my Art Yarns workshop - this year's dates are:
13th April - Capoterra, Sardinia
18th July - Woolfeis, Benderloch, Argyll (to be confirmed)
17th August - Auchterarder, Perthshire
20th / 21st September The Wool Box, Miagliano (BI), Italy (to be confirmed)
8th October Islesburgh Centre, Lerwick, Shetland (during Shetland Wool Week)
email me at for workshop details

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