Sunday, 26 May 2013

posti disponibili ai corsi a Pavia in Giugno

Sabato 8
Corso avanzato di filatura!/events/523626221013194/
Domenica 9 giugno
corso di tuntura naturale - metodo adatto per farlo a casa

Sabato 15 giugno
Pomeriggio di feltro - creare una schiarpa in feltro 'ragnatela', cosi sottile e morbide, e difficile credere sia feltro!!/events/371182956324788/

Domenica 16 Guigno
Corso di maglia - magic loop e Fair Isle!/events/123882064471871/

Saturday, 4 May 2013

spinning multicolour

NEW WORKSHOP!! Sunday 2nd June 10 - 4, Blackford village hall, Perthshire, Scotland

Those hand-dyed braids of multicolour tops are just too tempting... add in the fabulous hand blended batts combining different colours and textures, and even the strong-willed spinner will succumb!

But - have you tried spinning them and found the result is not as pretty as you expected? Or have you been afraid to buy them because you didnt know how to avoid disappointingly 'muddy' results when you spin them into yarn? Now help is at hand!

On Sunday 2nd June I'm running a hands- on workshop where we will try out several different methods of handling these colourful fibre preparations, ensuring that you know how to get the results you want, whether that is distinct colour separation or subtle blending and gradients. Navajo plying and fractal spinning are just the start of this fun adventure into a colourful world.
I'll also let you in to some of the secrets of how to produce your own multicoloured tops and mixed batts at home, although we won't have time to put them into practice.

Skill level required
You don't need to be an expert spinner to enjoy this workshop, but you do need to be able to spin a continuous yarn.

What to bring with you
Because colour preference is such a personal thing you will probably want to bring your own fibre for this workshop.  We will be using both hand-dyed multicoloured tops and blended batts of mixed fibres. 50 - 100 g of tops, and 50 - 100g batt(s) will be plenty. Don't worry of you havent got these in your stash, I will have a small supply of suitable tops and batts for you to use (cost not included in workshop price).

Bring your spindle or spinning wheel if you can - let me know if you can't, I will bring a car-full of wheels and spindles for those who want to use them.
Bring a box ( a shoe box with a lid, or similar) to take away your  colourful work-in-progress

I will provide tea, coffee and cake (!!), you can get lunch nearby, or bring your own.

Cost: £55 (this is lower than my usual workshop rate as it does not include materials)
E-mail me at deborah.gray7@btinternet to book your place

Limited number of places so please book as soon as possible. On booking I will request a deposit of £18 by paypal, the balance is payable in cash/cheque on the day.
The deposit is non-refundable if you cancel your place, but will be refunded in full if I have to cancel the workshop for any reason.

Please note: This workshop is not suitable for absolute beginnners. My next beginners' spinning weekend in Scotland will be on 22nd and 23rd June, in Blackford, Perthshire.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

a poem about knitting

I found a poem about knitting today, and thought others might enjoy it:

Ye four bright wires, so slender and so smooth
How many wakeful nights y've helped to soothe!
Nor have you fail'd, through many a darksome day,
to keep the potent fiend, Ennui at bay:
Affording occupation mute and kind,
Taxing no powers of body or of mind,
Leaving them free their higher due to pay
Fresh air to breathe - to meditate or pray
This poem was quoted in a novel I'm reading - The Sea House by Esther Freud. In the novel one of the characters reads the poem aloud "...from an anthology of Suffolk verse."
If anyone knows the source of the poem, please let me know