Sunday, 1 July 2012

We're off - Tour de Fleece day 1

A small select group started the Tour de Fleece yesterday with a spinning day at Home Farm, Culdees, Muthill, hosted by Strathearn Fleece and Fibre - and I know we have other team members spinning wherever they are, in Scotland and Italy
I've started a Ravelry thread here so we can all post what we've been spinning and keep in touch.
I'll also be updating on Facebook
here is the fabulous Strathearn Tour de Fleece mascot created by Linda
Ann chose the start of TdF to spin for the very first time - here's her first bobbin of Home Farm's own texel Cross wool - love-ewe-ly! All the time we were spinning we could hear the same sheep baaa-ing just across the farm road

And here's my TdF day 1 offering - a bobbin of black alpaca, spun and plied in the Home Farm stables, next to the field in which the alpaca was grazing (his name is Kyle). Thats what I call 0km fibre!!!

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