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Strathearn Tour de Fleece

Join us for the

Strathearn Tour de Fleece 2012

Saturday 30th June – Sunday 22nd July

Let’s keep it simple - The idea is to spin every day that the Tour de France is on, recording what you spin – fibre, singles or plying etc – every day.  Add up the total length of yarn spun over the Tour.

You can join us in person for the start and/or finish – see below – or spin where ever you are and keep in touch by e-mail

 Spin whatever you like and as much as you like – maybe you want to set yourself particular challenges on the mountain stages or individual time trials. There are two official rest days – you can use these to catch up if you have missed any race days!

The race schedule/record sheet is under the Tour de Fleece tab

If you spun one metre of yarn for every kilometre of the race you would have enough yarn for ten pairs of socks!!!

Look on for more inspiration

Linda Maitland Gardner is hosting two drop-in Tour de Fleece spinning days at Home Farm, Culdees, Muthill , PH5 2BA

Ready…Steady…Go!!!  10.30am – 4pm Saturday 30th June

Finish Line                     10.30 am – 4pm Sunday 22nd July

There will be fleeces, fibres and other related goodies for sale. Tea, coffee, cake and good company all for £10 each day!

Bring your spindle or spinning wheel and fibres, and your packed lunch. Please let me know if you plan to come, so we have an idea of numbers.

If enough people request it I will run a Fleece sorting and Fibre preparation workshop from 1 – 4pm on Sunday 22nd July (£30), as part of the Finish Line spinning day. I will demonstrate sorting a whole fleece into different qualities of fibre, and teach the most efficient ways of hand carding, drum carding and combing raw fleece. You can then either sort your own fleece with a bit of help (if needed) or practice your carding and combing.  Let me know if you’re interested in this.

For photos of the recent Fleece on the Hoof day see previous post

e-mail me on or call me on 07776092903

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