Monday, 19 May 2014

Schwook - the Shetland Wool Week hat

Hazel Tindall, patron for this year's Shetland Wool Week, has designed a Fair Isle hat for Wool Week. She has called it Schwook - one day perhaps she'll tell us why!

I chose five of my own solar- dyed and handspun yarns for the hat:
Deep purple  - Bose wool from Italy, dyed with a mixture of logwood and madder
Red - also Bose, dyed with beetroot
Green - Shetland fleece dyed first with silver birch leaves and then overdyed with Japanese Indigo
Pink - Wensleydale wool dyed with berries and black grapes
Yellow - Wensleydale dyed with Alchemilla mollis flowers

I was going to London for the weekend, by train. I cast on the tension sample as the train left Gleneagles station, I knitted pretty much all the way to London, for a couple of relaxing hours in Red Lion Square, and then most of the way back from London - I finished knitting the hat just as I got back to Gleneagles.
Luckily on the way to London my knitting was not in my suitcase (silly thought, of course my knitting was not in my suitcase - I was knitting on the train!) - although I went to London my suitcase only got as far as Newcastle because someone took it off the train by mistake, instead of her own case. I had to buy enough clothes, toiletries etc  for my stay in London, and am still waiting for my case to find its way back to me. But at least I still had my knitting!!

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