Friday, 17 January 2014

First off the needles in 2014

After a bit of concerted effort I have finished the knitted blanket I started just under 4  years ago! (Of course I have spun and knitted many other projects in that time, only working on the blanket occasionally)
Clare (on right) helping me to show off my finished blanket to the Perth knitters in the library, where we meet on Thursdays
It is knitted in three commercial yarns, using the same short-row pattern throughout but with different combinations of the yarns in each block.

To save on sewing-up, the blocks were knitted as five strips, each of five blocks, without casting off between one block and the next

The strips had to be washed and blocked before joining them together. I could only block two strips at a time due to space - and it took all my pins!
once the strips were all sewn together I crocheted a narrow edging.
It has been a long time in the making but now it is finished I am so pleased with it - and it is really cozy!
the space in my knitting basket will soon be filled with new projects I am sure.
There are more details about my blanket on my ravelry page here

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  1. What a great blanket! It would be a great way to showcase hand dyed yarns too! Now that's a thought....mmmmm!