Sunday, 26 January 2014

Finished objects in 2014; #2

Second finished object for this year

Started some time ago, when only half knitted this scarf has been in use as a sample to illustrate a technique of creating a yarn with a gradient of colour from one end to the other.

in this case, I had a black (crossbred) fleece, and a white one. By mixing them in different proportions I blended seven intermediate shades. Then I spun a continuous yarn using the colours from darkest to lightest, and back to darkest.

After plying, skeining and washing the yarn I knitted the scarf in a simple 4 x 4 basket-weave stitch which shows off the rather rustic nature of the chunky yarn.

This is one of the techniques taught in my Playing With Colour workshop (next one on 6th April in Auchterarder, Perthshire) and also in my more advanced workshops in Italy (see Corsi in Italia tab)


  1. Love the top photo of the scarf rolled up! It reminds me of those ornamental cabbages you see in posh garden magazines!

  2. It's not easy to graduate colour like this but you've done it very well. Very nice scarf.

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