Friday, 8 March 2013


Look what happened when I got my drum carder out....
This lovely Blue Texel fleece from Strathearn Fleece and Fibre.....

.....became lots of lovely easy-to-spin batts. It almost seems a shame to blend the fabulous colour variations in this fleece but I want a large amount of solid-colour yarn as the background colour for some fair isle knitting. I'm planning to knit Kate Davies' Scatness Tunic. It needs quite a fine yarn, so far I've spun 6 batts into over 900 metres of 2-ply, I  need about another 300 metres of the grey, then I can start spinning the contrast colours.

here's some fleece I dyed with different flavours of Kool Aid drink powder. I dyed white shetland fleece and grey texel in each of the colours
I carded the greys and the brights separately.....
I think the dyed grey wool is really pretty
but maybe the dyed white wool is a bit 'candy floss' for me
lots of colourful spinning to come!


  1. Woawowowowowoaowowowowowwwwwww!!!

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