Thursday, 29 November 2012

Gorgeous russian-style spindles

My talented friend and spindle maker Murray has just made this lovely batch of russian style spindles. Each one comes with a little cup to spin it in when using  it as a supported spindle for spinning very fine or slippery fibres. To give you an idea of size, the ruler along side is 15cm long. They are  made in oak , beech or mahogany, with one in sapele (third from the left). Some have a small knob at the tip of the shaft, most dont.
Murray has decided to make them all the same price - £12 including the cup, plus £2.50 postage (UK). If you would like one, or for price in euros and overseas shipping please send me an e-mail to  Please tell me the kind of wood you prefer.


  1. hello deborah
    i tried to send you a mail about this spindles. i really would like to buy one
    but sadly, the email adress you gave is rejected.
    can you please contact me ?
    my email - sorry its my spam mail adress ... dont want to post so public, i give you my real email as soon your wrote me
    i am not a spammer ... i tried to find you on facebook, but there are LOTS of deborah gray :/

    sincerly - martina

  2. Martina's spindle is ready to post and I have corrected the e-mail address above.