As a help to my students, or others, I can recommend and supply the following equipment:

(prices updated 6th February 2017) 

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To Spin a Good Yarn by Deborah Gray                                         £14 + 3.00 p&p
a practical spinning manual based on over 25 years of experience teaching spinning
A4 format, lie-flat spiral binding with protective wipe-clean acetate covers
Fully illustrated with more than 65 colour photographs

also available in Italian

Drop-spindle  a simple spindle which can be used top- or bottom-whorl  8.00

Carders                                                                                         £38 + £3.50 p&p
Ashford curved carders,  (pair) 72 pt for general use

Flick carder   (single)                                                                     £14.50  + 2.50 p&p

Niddy Noddy                                                                               £20 + £3.00 p&p
Ashford, makes a skein 165cm round. To pack flat when not in use wet the ends of the shaft rather than gluing them.

Sampler niddy noddy - makes a skein 90cm round                     £16.75  +  3.00 p&p

Spinning Wheels
Ashford Kiwi 2    (double treadle, scotch tension)                          £284 + £12 p&p
my first choice for teaching or a beginner's wheel, robust, stable, versatile and the double treadle gives a balanced working postion which is good for your back. Great value for money! The Kiwi 2 has a sliding hook flyer as standard
Complete with integral lazy kate and 3 bobbins

Ashford Traditional     (single treadle, scotch tension)                 £395 + £12 p & p
The first wheel I ever had - and I've still got it and use it after well over 30 years! A really easy wheel to spin on, versatile and stable. Takes up a bit more room than the Kiwi.
Complete with lazy kate and 4 bobbins

Ashford Traveller (double treadle, scotch tension)                    £420 + £12 p&p
The double-treadle Traveller is a great improvement on the old single treadle version, it is much more stable in use, while retaining the compact traditional appearance. Integral lazy kate and 4 bobbins

The above wheels are flat packed for you to assemble. I recommend that you varnish the parts before assembly to protect the wood from oil spills and fingermarks which do build up over a period of time. In my experience wax or oil finishes do not protect the wood as well as varnish.

I will assemble, test and adjust your new wheel for you for £25,
or varnish (1 coat clear matt polyurethane ), assemble, test and adjust for £55. Coloured or Dark varnish £10 extra
Assembled wheels must be collected from Auchterader/Oban unless otherwise arranged in advance. They cannot be posted!!

Ashford Drum Carder   36 or 72pt  great for blending fibres       £412 + £14 postage
now includes a packer brush  (state whether 36 or 72 pt required)

Ashford Extra wide drum carder (300mm) 72pt                              £480  +  £12 p&p

Ashford Wild carder for highly textured batts                                  £353  +  £12 p&p

Spinning wheel extras (see the Ashford website for details)

Ashford brake spring                                                                                     £2 + 80p p&p
Ashford Kiwi drive band                                                                          £11.50 + 80p p&p
Ashford bobbin  standard                                                                             £9 + 1.50 p&p
Ashford bobbin for sliding hook flyer (for Kiwi2)                                           £9  + 1.50 p&p
Ashford bobbin Jumbo                                                                                £14 + 2.40 p&p
Ashford Kiwi high ratio conversion kit                                                       £23.50 + 1.60 p&p
Ashford jumbo sliding hook flyer + 1 bobbin                                             £77 + 4.00 p&p
Ashford Traditional jumbo flyer kit        (basic + 1 bobbin )                       POA
Ashford Traditional jumbo flyer kit (complete, inc 3 bobbins)                   POA

NEW Kiwi Super Flyer kit fits Kiwi 1 or Kiwi 2                                     £168 + 6.50 p&p
A jumbo-sized flyer with large orifice and open loop yarn guides for your wildest yarns. Complete with mother-of-all so you only have to undo one bolt to swap for your Kiwi's standard flyer. Includes 3 super-sized bobbins which can hold up to 500g yarn

Kiwi super flyer bobbin                                                                          £17.50  + 2.90 p&p

I only keep a small stock of fibre, and what I have varies over time. Please contact me before payment to check what I have in stock. Prices can vary too.
Please note: fibres are sold by the bag-full; weights are approximate and for guidance only - fibre weight fluctuates according to humidity and it is hard to be accurate, but I try to err on the generous side!!

Shetland wool - produced in Shetland - natural undyed shades, combed tops
approx 100g per bag        £3.50
Alto Tamarro wool - an Italian wool, very bouncy, creamy white approx. 100g bag £2.00
Blue -faced Leicester - natural white -super soft tops - approx 100g per bag £3.50
Brazilian - natural brown, spins and felts well - approx. 100g per bag £2.50

Mohair - white super soft and lustrous - approx. 50g per bag £3.50

Mawata silk squares (often called hankies) cream    approx 25g per bag £3.80

For postage & packing on fibres and multiple items, contact me

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